Guyanya Gurruwiwi

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A great and wel used F - G# yiḏaki by Guyanya Gurruwiwi! When you play this yiḏaki you will understand why he kept it for him self for some time!

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  • Key : F – G#  
  • Size: 133,4 cm  
  • Mouthpiece: 3,5cm  
  • Bell: 8,7 cm

Mickey Guyanya Gurruwiwi got famous through his Youtube videos and is praised for his playing.
This was his personal yiḏaki for some time.I It is a nicely balanced yiḏaki wich has a good feel when you hold it. The mouthpiece is very comfortable. This instrument is very direct and responsive. And has a good balance between bass, mid and high frequencies. The dup is easy to hit.
I can see why Guyanya kept this for himself for some time!

Watch Djuwakan #2 Marika plays this yiḏaki

Guyanya Gurruwiwi F-G# yiḏaki / didgeridoo
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